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Awful customer service and nonexistent products - doesn't deserve even 1 star!

So I ordered a single chair back in May 25, 2013. I'm used to having products get shipped in a week's time. I've ordered furniture from West Elm, and that took less than 2 weeks. Well, Infurn last time I checked says my chair won't be delivered until August. Ok, I kinda overlooked that. So when I complained after a week from my payment, they made me feel stupid that's didn't understand the shipping timeframe.

Now August is approaching, I started tracking it on the website again. Then I just blew up... Because now my chair won't be delivered until OCTOBER. Are you guys for real? It's ONE chair, has been paid for, and its not here. I don't think they have the products. They just take your money, you complain, ignore you, and they purposefully treat their customers awfully to the point you/we just give up and forget. Well we don't forget cos that's our money taken from us.

So I emailed them tonight demanding them to refund my money within the next 48 hours. But being the worst of the worst that they are, i probably wouldnt hear from them, will never get my money back, nor will i ever get my chair. This company should be publicly condemned and exposed.

So INFURN, thank you so much for being disgustingly TERRIBLE.
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    Hello Eunice,

    Thank you for your comments and we are sorry also that you have such a low opinion of us.

    The standard delivery time which is in the Terms and conditions is 12 weeks for US items and this is clearly shown on the website.

    I know you expected 2 weeks and therefore our delivery time is not to your liking but these are the Terms we offer.

    However, in your case we do apologize that the planned delivery date does indeed exceed the standard delivery time and has been deferred longer than expected.

    I have checked up with logistics today to see if there is any likelihood of the chair arriving sooner but unfortunately not.

    I have also checked In stock items to see if one is available there for a faster delivery, but not so.

    Therefore, as per your request, we have cancelled the order and a full refund will be issued for you back to your credit card.

    We are sorry that in this instance that we cannot give a quicker delivery, but we trust the matter will now be resolved shortly to your satisfaction by refund action instead.

    Kind Regards
    Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.
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