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I ordered a table 9 Th. july 2013, but unfortunately I did't see the trustpilot score before the order, and the money was already taken from my account. I cancelled my order as fast as I could, and some guy called and told me that i would get my money within 30 workdays since i cancelled right away. Since then i have had contact with Infurn several times (about 5), and always the same answer "we are so sorry for the delay, but you will have the money within a few days.

Now i am pretty sure this company is a scam, and will dedicate my spare time to do something about it. Does anybody know what you can do about a scam like this? do we start with Facebook groups and forums? The way i see it, anyone who gets warned before shopping there, means less money to the people behind the scam.

sorry for my bad english, im from denmark.
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    Hello Kasper,

    Thank you for your message but there is no scam or fraud involved, as of thousands of Customers who continue to receive their items every week can attest.

    I have checked your order details and records show that you decided to cancel the order within the first week of placing the order in July. The cancellation was acknowledged and accepted by the Customer service team and whilst we apologize that the refund has exceeded the due date, this does not in any way signify that that you will not receive it.

    The matter is being dealt with urgently and you will be fully reimbursed within the coming week.

    We would like all Customers to know that despite any delays on reimbursements, it is not a scam and that all due refunds are paid.

    Kind Regards,
    Valerie - Customer Relations Adviser.
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