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Wie bei den meisten Anderen auch: im Juli 2013 einen Couchtisch bestellt, für Woche vom 25.11.2013 bestätigt. In geplanter Lieferwoche Termin verschoben auf Februar 2014. Keine Information per mail erhalten. Rückrufvorschlag auf der Website von Infurn 10. Jan. 2014, haha. Auf mail mit Stornierung natürlich keine Antwort erhalten, und auch keine Rücküberweisung des Vorkassebetrags. Es bleibt wohl wie bei vielen Anderen nur der Weg über die Verbraucherschutzzentrale, sowie eine Anzeige wegen Betrugs bei der Britischen Polizei.
Finger weg von Infurn !!!
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    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your comments, but we strongly object to your allegation of fraud.
    Fraud would mean that you would receive neither goods nor refund, and this is clearly not the case.

    When you placed the order in July you already knew that our standard advertised delivery time was 10 - 18 weeks, and you also accepted our terms and conditions governing delivery and delivery delays.

    With regard to information, our system is such that we kindly ask Customers to log into their individual Customer account to view their orders progress, and it is here that they are also notified of any delays.

    We do apologize that you did not receive a quicker response to your email which was due to the build up of extra inquiries over the Christmas period.

    However, in respect of your order, although it has taken longer than expected, if you wait, it will still arrive. We also offer compensation for the delay and whilst you are of course entitled to cancel and a refund, we would like to point out that with vouchers, discounts and free shipping, your purchase of the Mela Coffee table has been offered to you at almost half the original price, so to re-consider waiting is not at all a bad option.

    Kind Regards
    Valerie - Customer Relations Adviser.
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