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INFURN This company appear to be a SCAM? As a customer who has received no product, I have no evidence to suggest otherwise.

I received an email stating my lamp was going to be delayed (no explanation as to why) and no new delivery date. I have already waited 5-months from initial order in June to anticipated delivery this November.

I have tried repeatedly to contact them, they NEVER call back off their automated call booking system.

They have my money and have not delivered any goods to me!


I am tired of chasing you for some kind of explanation or refund. I will therefore make it my mission to communicate with everyone across all Social Media platforms about your SCAM business.

If you consider this an idol threat, you can be assured, I have a pretty large social media footprint and an even larger Twitter following across Europe!!


Thanks Laurie, I can confirm you did call me back the same day I posted this review, and in turn that confirms that INFURN does exist at the very least.

I appreciated your offer for a delivery reschedule, but February 2014 is too long to wait (8-months since placing the initial order??). More importantly it takes me outside of my bank cards refund protection period, which means I lose the ability to claim a refund through Visa or MasterCard should the items not arrive on time again - and I won't take that risk given the circumstances.

I have no idea why my callback logs did not register with you, I can assure you that I used your website form numerous times, and it appeared to submit properly and it included a confirmation screen from memory. Little option but to put that down to a technical glitch I guess.

I also appreciate that a new delivery date may have been set in my order tracker on your website, but again when I initially reviewed it that definitely had not been updated so there is clearly a lead time your end between email notification that delivery is delayed and a proposed new delivery date being assigned to my online order status. If this is the case, that needs to be communicated.

Hope this feedback all helps you at Infurn improve your customer service. I can vouch that you were very apologetic and helpful on the phone, confirming you will call me back when the refund has been made within a maximum of 30-days. I await my refund with bated breath.
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    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I would firstly like to apologise there was delay to your order, if you required further clarification on the matter all queries would of been welcomed by the customer service department via email or the callback system. That being stated I investigated the matter further regarding your attempt to contact the customer service. Therefore I searched the system dating back to the beginning of November in which it appears there we no requested appointment made for a callback. The only correspondence we have from yourself were two emails that were sent today to address the matter.

    I contacted yourself this afternoon to assist you with any queries you may of had on the order and was open to any decision you wished to make. As the updated delivery date was not suitable to your needs and as result you decided to cancel.
    I would like to clarify the company is not a scam, if you made the decision to wait for the order you would have received your item. Nevertheless you have requested the cancellation of the order and you are to be refunded in the specified time frame as discussed. I sent an email to confirm you cancellation and I provided my contact details to enable you obtain any further information that is required. In addition I have put your information on my calendar to inform you of any updates as well as the completed refund.

    Once again I apologise for the situation and any inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards,
    Laurie-Ann B.
    Customer Relations Advisor
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