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Gave them a 2nd chance, really wish I hadn't.

I placed an order last year and it got totally coc*ed up, ending in a refund and redelivery.
6 months or so on, I though it maybe time to try again, how wrong I was.
I ordered a valentines day arrangement,. I cannot tell you how embarrassing it is, and how what is supposed to be a loively gesture to my girlfriend is nothing of the sort.
I WISH I could attach a pictuie of the arrangement I purchased verses what actaully arrived, along with the fact that I also paid for chocolates which weren't delivered. I have a picture, but just can;t attach it, all I'll say is that it's a total con to cash in on desperate unknowing men around the country and misadvertising is an understatement.
Absolutely terrible, it's a shame that Interflora is such a huge name globally and this review will do nothing to dent that, although if one person reads this and doesn't order from them as a result I suppose it is worth something.
Last time I used their service and it went worng I thought I was unlucky, but looking at the overall rating on many review sites (between 1 and 2 out of 5) then I guess not.
Perhaps the next victim of high street administration if it carries on with these sort of service levels, I doubt it if they continue to fleece their customers in this way, but I hope so.
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