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Sheffield, GB

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Brilliant Service but woeful customer care...

Interlink offer a sterling service, really fantastic and their next day option hasn't failed me in thousands of parcels.

However, I majorly mark them down because of their after care service. I've got 8 damaged parcels from Xmas which STILL haven't been resolved and my emails receive no reply. I had a parcel delivered to an unsecure location which was stolen and again, no response.

So they have a fantastic delivery service, but on the flip side of that getting them to take responsibility for damaged parcels clearly requires a superpower I do not have.
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    Reply from Interlink Express

    Hi Stuart,

    We're glad the service has been so good, but very disappointed to hear that you've not had a response to this outstanding issue. We want to get this sorted for you!

    Please drop me a note at and include your contact phone number and account number - I'll get this matter chased up :)

    Kind regards,

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