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Absolutely the worst, even Parcelforce are better, which is saying something.

Advised to be in between 2/3pm on a mail with no phone number. No delivery by 6pm eventually Googled a phone number - there is deliberately none on their website. Spent several calls over many hours waiting 'due to high volume of calls'. Found out next day they had all gone home at 6pm, their answer phone system is a joke. Late at night got a email saying delivery will be tomorrow 'as requested'. Liars.
Next day told by their staff their van had broken down yesterday. I said I will come and collect parcel. But it wasn't there, they had delivered it unannounced. The deliveryman said the guy yesterday dint know his way around and had returned with 25 parcels.
Summary - they are amateurish, deceitful and useless at logistics. And deliberately make it difficult to cotact them because they know they are sh1t.
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    Reply from Interlink Express

    Hi Dave,

    In relation to the parcel number you supplied, our records say this parcel was delivered back on 10 September.

    Do you have a parcel reference number for this most recent delivery? Feel free to drop a note to if you need assistance from a customer service agent.

    For your information, you can get a phone number for your local depot at the following page on our website:

    Kind regards,

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