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Awful Service , with hacked credit card

Awful Service and Fraud.

Order: 1503376

I bought the item on 3th November, after read the reviews on the site, I’m confident my item should be arrived on 10 or 15 days.

Then used standard delivery USD 37 (NO cheap) and on the notes area write: Please be ensuring the item must be arriving on or before 21th November. (18 days) plenty time…

I placed the order via International Checkout and paid with American Express.

On 10th November International Checkout send me an e-mail inform the item arrive to the warehouse shortly.

That same day American Express inform my card has been hacked, from the area US – California.

14Th November International Checkout still not releases my order, and expect in 1 – 2days.

15th November they dispatch my order via DHL … after 13 days I been ordered.

Today is 18 days order the item and still is not with me.

The owner of Retro Planet contacted with me and offer refund if my order is late, I hope receive some compensation.

Retro Planet say they Feedback or customer review are genuine, I choose Retro Planet because whole reviews say about the fast delivery, Unfortunately not for me, or maybe wait more than 18 days is fast delivery? , I leave a note, PLEASE need on or before 21st. But they not matter.

International Checkout have awful customer service, they replied automatic, and not care what happen. Inclusive hacked Credit Card.

We forward all information about my purchase of Retro Planet and International Checkout about this fraud with my credit card, and they investigate why many customers of EUROPE their cards is hacked after use International Checkout,

There is another forum: where appear the real customers Reviews.

After that, my experience is never ever trust on customer reviews of the page where you get the item; they only put the good ones. Blog, forums or pages as complaintBoards are the real experiences of customers.

Sure International checkout say, we not take responsibility about delays on customs or courier, unfortunately for International Checkout, DHL no have delays but International Checkout and Retro Planet took 13 days to decide dispatch my item
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