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a one to one service, soooooooooooooooo helpful xxxxxxx

Was looking for a particular garden set that i had set my heart on, searched other web sites but all were out of stock i had ordered on one web site and then received an email to say sorry they were out of stock.
Then i hit on internet gardener which said they had stock so at5:30pm on a friday and decided to phone(not expecting to get through) and I spoke to Andy and he did not have it in stock and knowing my story and disappointment suggusted another so with him on the phone we went through one he suggested and I said I like that one even more. We went through the the differences of the one I had in mind,and ordered it.
he checked with his supplier to see if they had it which they did and arranged for delivery on Tuesday and lo and behold it was delivered as he said it would.
He made my day and the garden set is lovely(even my husband was impressed and that is hard to do)
Also which Andy did not know was I have MS and i do all my shopping on the internet and i was so tired and fed up by the time i spoke to him.
I have no hesitation to use internetgardener again if I am looking for something that he might be able to help with.
So Andy and his team thankyou so much.xx
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