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Helpful but misinformed staff.

The staff at Internet Gardener went out of their way to be helpful when I asked for details of the assembly instructions of a product before ordering. I needed to know if any particular tools were needed as I was buying something for my 85 year old mother who doesn't live near me and I was putting this item together and neither my mother nor I have a drill or power screwdriver. I also needed the item delivered on a particular day so I could be there. I was emailed assembly instructions and later on - delivery tracking information. The instructions stated that all holes were pre-drilled and the only tool needed was an ordinary screwdriver so I ordered the item. The delivery side of things worked like a dream. The bit I hadn't bargained on was having different assembly instructions inside the packaging when it arrived! The item was the same and the manufacturer was the same but now the instructions said I needed a drill and I needed to pre-drill all the holes! This would have been a serious amount of work and I didn't have a drill. I felt so frustrated as this was exactly what I had tried to avoid. I think the manufacturer had updated the assembly of the item as the number of screws was also different from the original information. I would not have ordered this item if I had had correct the assembly instructions. Luckily my mother has someone to come and mow her lawn from time to time and this coincided with my visit and very kindly this man used his own drill and power screwdriver to help me out. He got some very nice wine as a thank you as I really don't know how I could have put the thing together without him. It would either have had to go back to Internetgardener or they would have had to pay for someone to put it together.
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    Reply from www.internetgardener.co.uk

    Hello Alison,

    Thank you for your review and sincere apologies for the issue you experienced with your order.

    We are very happy to hear that you are pleased with the helpful manner of our staff as we strive to offer the best possible customer service to all of our customers.

    This item is sent directly from the manufacturers as this enables us to deliver our customers orders promptly and efficiently - As you say the delivery worked like a dream.

    It was myself who emailed through to you with the assembly instructions. I received these directly from the manufacturers and was assured they were the current assembly instructions and so we do apologise that the instructions emailed through to you were different to those received with the goods.

    As per our telephone conversation regarding your order issue I immediately spoke to the manufacturers regarding the instructions I emailed through to you and was advised that these instructions were indeed last season’s instructions and so we are really sorry about this and have updated our records accordingly. Going forward we are going to take extra precautions with all of the assembly instructions we pass onto our customers directly to make sure this never happens again.

    We apologise again for the issues you have had and if we can be of any further assistance in the future then please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

    Kind Regards,


    Customer Service

    The Internet Gardener Ltd
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