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Eclisse pocket systems - avoid - has very unfriendly design flaws

I bought an Eclisse pocket slider and Eclisse door furniture. Here is what I found.

Positives. Ironmongery Direct provide a very efficient service. Please take this as a product review. The door system is easy to assemble, and clicks together with great precision.

Negatives. The precision of the door system is a major drawback unless you are assembling into a scenario where everything around it is also absolutely, utterly true and precise. Whilst it is possible to align all the pocket wall and latch-end wall such that they are vertical, the designers have failed to recognise that sometimes, other surrounding components are not so perfect. In my case the sliding door, which is a wooden, hollow door, purchased new, has turned out to ever so slightly warped. So, when it hangs, the bottom of the door doesn't line up with the receiving jamb channel. This means that the supplied rubber seals act as repulsing buffers which bounce the door back out of its closed position. So I had to remove those., the alternative being major disassembly just to change a door.

Crucially the Eclisse pocket door system comes with only rudimentary fine tuning points. You can tune the height of the door and the door stop position. You can't laterally adjust the door. The slight warp to the door in my situation means the the Eclisse door furniture does not meet up with the latch plate, it's out by a mil and a half... the latch plate itself has a male part that slots into a female in the door latch. But there is no tolerance allowed for the meeting of these two parts. If they don't fit absolutely perfectly, then you have to move the latch plate off centre to compensate.

The door, once fitted, cannot be removed. It is locked in by the architrave which has to be glued and/or screwed on because you can't fix through the pocket section for obvious reasons. So, replacing the warped door is now a big hassle.

The metal pocket wall is very flexible. This is a problem for a few reasons. Simply pressing on the wall can break any plaster corners or edges, if you use plasterboard. So, you could use a less flexible wall material I guess as long as you know in advance that you need to. You won't be able to tile onto the wall unless you do. We have kids who sometimes stumble or crash toys into walls... we've gained the corner space used by a hinging door but lost the strength of even a plasterboard partition wall.

All in all I feel somewhat done over by the Eclisse sales pitch and the lack of online reviews. I hope this review helps someone out. Next time I will choose a different brand which is somewhat more malleable - maybe wood rather than metal.
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    Reply from IronmongeryDirect

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for taking the time to reveiw the Eclisse pocket door system, we are glad that you found dealing with IronmongeryDirect to be very efficient. We will pass on you comments regarding the Eclisse pocket door system to the manufacturer on your behalf.

    Should you have any queries regarding this item please feel free to contact us.

    Kind regards
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