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IWOOT.COM - The Hut group strikes again! Shocking customer service.

About 5 or 6 years ago I had big problems with IWOOT.com and swore I'd never use them again. Well, I was desperate for something they were selling so thought I'd give them another try. What I didn't realise is that they are now part of The Hut group, a group that I've had problems with before!
Customer care is very very poor.
I placed an order for a birthday present on a Monday morning and paid the extra for next day delivery. Everything was in stock and my order was well before the 2pm cut-off. Tracking emails were sent by IWOOT saying that my parcel had been dispatched, but the next day I looked at the tracking, and DPD (the courier) said that they were yet to receive the parcel from IWOOT, so I wasn't going to receive it 'next day' after all.
Now...if a company offers free next day delivery, I don't mind if things take an extra day or two, but when I pay for it, I expect the company to deliver ON TIME!!
Here's the biggest problem with The Hut group. You cannot call anyone - there are no telephone numbers. You can only send a message via their own portal and hope that someone gets to see it. I sent a message yesterday querying when I was likely to receive my parcel and NO RESPONSE as usual.
Dear IWOOT.COM Get yourselves some decent customer service training (or replace your customer services manager). Try this for starters:
"Promise what you can, and deliver what you promise"
Never again.
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