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Should have known better

UPDATE 17/04/12
So I had a response to my original review which you can all see below promising a refund for items that were never delivered. This has not been forthcoming so I have no alternative but to put a claim through my credit card company. It would appear that any replies that Jeremy posts here are purely for show to try and reassure would be customers. I have also had no communication through the proper channels, i.e. through email or telephone. Very very poor company to deal with.

Having read mixed reviews, I decided I'd give them a go purely on cost. MISTAKE!!! Gut instinct was telling me not to based on the numerous reviews of no response to emails and permanent answerphone. So after 2wks, 4 emails and at least 10 attempted phone calls here I am £100 poorer and no items to show for it. The distance selling regulations state that if no delivery date has been agreed, the seller has 30 days to fulfil the order, so it is no surprise that a delivery date is missing from the order confirmation as that gives 'Jeremy' the maximum time stipulated under the law before he has to bother doing anything.

Jeremy - a further hint to you, if you are going to continue to provide a complete lack of customer service to any of your customers, at least bullet proof your processes so that when something does go wrong you can claim to be abiding by the law, i.e. upon accepting the order (and taking a payment), a contract is entered into, and the order confirmation should include details of your return policy and physical address (not a PO box!). It should also outline cancellation rights (i.e. anytime from ordering to 7 days after receiving goods).

I've got no problem with waiting 2wks or 30 days for an order as long as this is stipulated up front and before you order. To take payment for items which are showing as 'in stock' on the website and to then leave the customer hanging for 2 wks with no contact or response to their attempts at contact is at best 'disorganised' but at worst fraudulent, especially considering the fact that everyone has to go through either paypal or their credit card companies to get a refund.

There are clearly many happy customers that have no issues so there must be a sound business model in there somewhere. Unfortunately the common sense aspects to running a business, namely protecting your reputation and keeping customers happy, is sorely lacking from iwantpants. No one expects everything to run smoothly all the time and mistakes will happen, but be honest and upfront when this does happen and do everything in your power to rectify. Don't keep people in the dark, give refunds when asked for in a timely manner, and have good communication. Have all of those and you'll avoid these negative reviews which ultimately over time will kill a business like iwantpants. Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy with regard to online purchases and reputation is everything. Be smart.

So, to all those reading this and considering using iwantpants, 2wks ago I was in your shoes and I gave them the benefit of the doubt which I now regret. Rightly or wrongly I feel scammed (mainly down to the lack of communication) - so if you give these guys a go be aware of the risk that you are taking.
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    Reply from iwantpants.com

    Hi Alan,
    We are sorry for the delay witrh your order, we had been let down by our supplier and the Vests have been out of stock for a few weeks now. You should though, have received status updates from us which would have been sent from our automated system.
    We have processed a refund for the order and it should be back in your account in a few working days.
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