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What a circus! Jessop's are doomed to fail I'm afraid!

If anyone reading this is holding Jessop’s shares I recommend you SELL. Companies that operate like this do not survive for long.

I wanted a Fuji X10. Saw it on Jessops on line for £350. Not a bad price. Drove ten miles into Manchester to buy one. Simple enough you would think?
“Oh no sir! It will cost you £380 in here! That’s an online price”
I tried to explain that it was far more profitable and efficient to sell me one there and then at the price specified on their web site and I could take it to avoid the delivery process”.
Absolutely no way was this chap going to put £350 of my money in his till in the middle of a recession so I was sent packing.
I went home and decided to buy it on-line. Paid my £349 with my debit card and read the e mail I immediately got. Delivery would not be next day and it would be around 10 days time!
Next morning I checked the tracking number and it hadn’t even been processed. So yep it looked like nearly 2 weeks until I would get it. ( Note to Jessops logistics manager: I could get this camera in 5 days for 50 quid less from Thailand)
I called their H/O and said could I pop and collect it from a local store rather than wait 2 weeks. “No problem sir! That’s all done now. You can collect from Stockport, here’s your ref number”
A solution!
Ten minutes later I get a call. “ Hello sir I’m calling to tell you that your ex demo camera will be boxed and waiting for you”. I replied “Oh no it won’t. I don’t want a second hand one that’s been mauled by half the school kids in Stockport. Where is the nearest new one in a box?”
“They have got them in Manchester sir. Just turn up there and collect it!”
Brilliant! It had had taken 3 attempts to give Jessops £350 but it looked like it was about to happen. BUT a little voice in my head advised me to call before we set off for the second of a 20 mile round trip. My little voice was correct...
“Ooh I’m sorry sir you can’t just come in and collect it. I’ve never heard of that procedure before.”
I explained his H/O had said it was OK. So had the Stockport branch and it was called pay and collect on their web site and that I had a reference number.
“Do you have the camera in stock? “ I asked, saying the manager at Stockport had told me to drive there and one would be waiting. (You now where this is going don’t you....)
“Yes sir we have a demo model but you can’t have it”.
I tried to ignore the red mist that was descending and the shooting pains in my frontal cortex to advise him that he was not to worry himself anymore and to go and sell someone an SD card and that I would cancel my purchase with his H/O. This did not phase him and he clearly had been absent the day they had taught his class the relationship between paying customers and job security as he simply said “Okay”. Their H/O advised me that my payment had not even been taken. (Why was I not surprised?) As the person tried to explain that their system showed they had one in Doncaster (a 60 mile round trip) I just hung up.
Twenty minutes later I bought one at PC World.
Sorry Jessops but you really are doomed. Why?
1. You’re online prices are misleading.
2. Your delivery times are misleading
3. You do not hold enough stocks.
4. You are not going to keep people happy by selling them second hand goods (AKA Ex demo stuff)
5. You do not have a clue about your primary purpose e.g how to sell products; you are far too entrenched in all of the procedures and protocols that your useless senior/middle managers sit around dreaming up all day to justify their roles.
6. Your staff do not have a clue how to close a sale. There was me with £350 burning a hole in my pocket actually standing inside one of your shops asking for a product and you still didn’t manage a sale! I know ten year olds who would have taken my money off me.
7. You tried (unsuccessfully) to sell me a camera for £350 with a ten day lead time when it took me 5 minutes to find a far shorter lead time a lot cheaper elsewhere. Google your competition occasionally guys – all your customers do.
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