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Utterly desperately useless

The words I would ideally like to use in this review I would get into trouble for.
Don't have the items in stock that they advertise.
Waiting 28 days for delivery if you order it - whats the point, ordered same product from a different company and got it the following day.
Refuse to refund the gift card that I bought with my own bank card as apparently it clearly states no refunds. The small print on the card only says ' this gift card cannot be exchanged for cash' I did not ask for cash, I wanted the money refunded to my card, as they could not provide the items my husband wanted, for which he was using the card. I bought it for him as birthday gift
Obviously too stupid to understand the difference between giving someone else cash for the card and refunding the buyer of the card. Dumb Dumb Dumb.
Now I have to check the consumer law about refunds within 21 days of buying an item and force the issue.
Niether I nor my husband will ever use or recommend jessops.
Anybody else I can talk jessops down to I will
Utterly useless.
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