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Avoid this company at all costs. Dont even bother contacting the directors with your compliant they are as bad as the stores!

I am regretfully compelled to write to you this letter to inform you as the new CEO of Jessops of the disgusting and diabolical treatment I have received from Jessops throughout this past year and the discrimination that I have had to suffer as a disabled person because of this.

On Boxing Day 2011, I visited the Belfast branch of Jessops to exchange a lens that I had received for Christmas as two people had purchased me the same lens. It was exchanged for a Tamron 90mm macro lens however upon returning home I discovered that this lens was faulty and would not focus or lock on to any focus point. The lens was returned and exchanged for a Canon 100mm macro lens, however the sales staff concerned failed to provide me with accurate advice with regards to the suitiablity of this lens for my purposes. The lens was subsequently returned and exchanged for a Tamon 17 – 55 wide angle lens (after considerable weeks arguing the case with head office as Jessops Belfast refused to be of any assistance with this matter).

However a few months down the line, the lens developed a fault. I contacted Jessops head office again to register my complaint and it was arranged for the lens to be replaced with a different lens at my home as I am a disabled person, however during this process, (the Associate sales director who dealt with the case) was bullying and threatening towards me. I specifically asked for a Japanese copy of the canon 17-85 lens however I was informed that Jessops only sold the Taiwanese copy of this lens (which had several known faults/issues) I informed the director that I did not want the Taiwanese lens and if he could not offer me the Japanese copy then I would request another Tamron 17 – 55mm lens. The director blackmailed and threatened me stating that it was more or less accept the Taiwanese 17 – 85mm lens or nothing would be done for me. I accepted this lens however upon receipt of it discovered that severe vignetting occurred when any polorising filter was fitted. As my photography in the main is landscape photography, this was not suitable for me so I contacted The Director again to have the lens exchanged for a lens that was suitable for me however he was aggressive towards me and bullying and threatening to me again stating that if I did not return the lens to the Belfast branch and accept a refund then he would do nothing for me and that would be the end of the matter! The last communication from The Director was when he telephoned me and told me aggressively that my custom was no longer welcome at any Jessops store or online.

This week I have received further email correspondence from The Director which included a threat with the police and also confirming in writing that he has a disregard for the Sale and Supply of Goods Act as he has stated that Jessops will refuse to offer any assistance in the event of any future issues.

I have also sent in writing a Data Protection Act disclosure request of which The Director has refused to acknowledge.

The Directorhas acted inappropriately just because I have the stamina to stand up for my legal rights under the Sale and Supply of Goods Act. It is not my fault Jessops staff provided me with inaccurate advice, it is not my fault that products sold by jessops malfunctioned and it is not my fault that The Director has taken this vendetta against me so much so that this is tantamount to corporate bullying.

The Director has left a disabled customer disgusted at the way he has been treated by a company of whom over the years has spent a considerable amount of money in with Jessops. I will certainly not be giving jessops my money again
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