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Dropping kit in front of the customer "I'll be fine"

Used the website to pick up and collect a £1800 Canon Lens. Arrived at the store and the member of staff accidently dropped the box it on my foot. "Its will be alright its well built" I said I won't have that one, despite having the warranty. "Don't think we have another in stock". So I opened the box and made a mental note of part of the serial number.

The manager came over to see what the fuss was about. I explained my point and he offered to check the store room, taking the dropped one with him. He came back a short while later with a 'replacement'. I opened the box and it was the same one! I asked if he was trying to insult me. He refused to answer. I suggested that if this is a different one then go and get the original from the back and leave this one here. He claimed that it had been put in the skip.

I suggested that they source me another by the end of the day, the manager said it would be about an hour. I accepted but smelt a rat. I went to the display cabinet and noted down the display model's serial number.

After 40 minutes I got a call, the lens is ready for you. I arrived and asked the manager if this was the display model. He looked at the ground and said no. I added that if the lens you are now trying to sell me is this number (handing him the number I had written down) I would be contacting the head office.

The manager went to the back to collect the lens and claimed that it had gone missing.
I demanded he arrange a fresh lens be sent from another store within the hour. Again he accepted. But this time I insisted he make the arrangements infront of me.

50 minutes later a member of staff from another branch arrived with my lens. I asked if the manager would finish the transaction but was told he was 'busy'. So I moved a display camera till the alarm sounded and he came running over.

Got given a filter and decent SD card as compo.
Oh and the manager doesn't work there now.
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