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"Reasonable deals but poor after sales service"

We booked a Hawaii cruise and Las Vegas stay with this company and to start with everything was fine. We got a reasonable deal and the agent was helpful. I requested a call back over the weekend to put down the deposit but agent asked me to call back. I was surprised that agent didn't try and secure the deal like other travel agents I spoke to on the same day but took it as a positive of no pressure sales tactics. I called them back after the weekend and put down £700 deposit. All details were taken down and booking went through fine. As mentioned earlier agent provided all the necessary details and his experience reflected in his answers to my questions. Please note that agent and the company did make it clear that if I decide to cancel my holiday I will loose the deposit so they have done this by the book.

After couple of months I had a family problem and couldn't travel on the dates. I called the agent up and he informed me that he can possibly try and rearrange the cruise if I choose the same liner or can work out some deals for another cruise if I choose a different liner. Again I was asked to find a deal instead of the agent looking one for me. I didn't think much of it and couldn't find anything great. I called the agent back and informed that I cant find any other cruise itenary with the liner and checked about a new booking which a cruise and stay deal from Hawaii. Agents response was " It has been ages since I looked into a flight to Hawaii but leave it with me and I will get back to you within couple of days". He asked me to email him holiday cancellation letter which I did on the same day. The impression I got from the conversation was he couldn't be bothered to look around for another deal but I was happy to give him benefit of doubt. I waited for a week and heard nothing from the agent or the company. After two weeks I had one of the accounts staff call me from the company asking about rest of my holiday payment. I explained that I have cancelled my holiday and emailed the agent about it. I also informed the staff member that the agent promised me a call back but I haven't heard anything. The staff member informed me that she will speak to the agent and he will call me back. Till this day I haven't heard anything from the agent or the company.

Low prices could be a result of many things (special deals, Off season etc....) so before you jump in please check whether the weather and tourist season for the month you want to cruise.

Things to check while booking:

Whether the deal is Cruise Only, Fly Cruise, Cruise and Stay.

Transfer etc... included

Tips on board ( This is something you may be able to pay in advance or have to pay on board)

Hidden costs ( In the deal we got we had stay in Las Vegas and had to take an internal flight to Los Angeles. There is a additional charge for baggage which you have pay on check in and it is not included in the price).


Reasonable Deals


Poor After sales service, Hidden costs

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Cruise deals are what we do. We don't sell cheap cruises, we just sell cruise holidays cheaply. You can't get cruise deals at better prices guaranteed.

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