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Does the job

Great for contract positions, but can generally be filled up quickly with nonexistant agency jobs. Useful as an alternative to my main search site.
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trustpilot stars misleading text in the checkout process

Please be careful when using the website and and uses misleading sales tactics in the checkout process:

1) While other job boards such as call a job post a "Job post" and call a job ad a “Job ad”, then Jobserve's sell's "Job Posts" / “Job ads” under the term "Lifetime Job Credit, without expiry date". Please let me explain why this is misleading:

1a) uses the simple term "Job posting" in the checkout process:

1b) uses the simple term "Job ad" in their checkout process:

1c) uses the misleading term "Lifetime Job Credit without expiry date" in the checkout process:

2a) To further mislead, Jobserve does not write in the checkout process, that the "Lifetime job credits without expiry date" actually disappear once they are used.

2b) Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of “Credit” is: “the balance in a person's favor in an account”

In other words, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary a “credit” does not have a limited time frame, and since Jobserve uses the term: “Lifetime Job Credit without expiry date” and do not mention that these so-called “Lifetime Job Credit without expiry date” disappear once they are used, in my opinion Jobserve is using misleading methods. These so-called “Lifetime Job Credit without expiry date” are actually not for lifetime, but limited to only being used once.

3) Since Jobserve uses misleading methods to sell their “Job posts” / “Job ads” you might think, that Jobserve has a customer support team ready to help their customers. The fact is that once you have purchased something from Jobserve then it’s very difficult to get in touch with Jobserve. My experience from dealing with Jobserve’s customer support is that I never received a reply from Jobserve’s customer support. Instead one of Jobserve’s sales staff, David Walter, called me after 6 days, and tried to sell me more Jobserve products.

4) After having waited 6 days with no reply from Jobserve’s customer support, I receive a phone call from a person called David Walter, who works in Jobserve’s sales team…

Once I received the phone call from David Walter, from Jobserve’s sales team, I explained him the situation, and that I have written the email to Jobserve's customer support, and that I never have received an answer, even though it's now been 6 days that I had been waiting. David started laughing on the phone. I asked why he is laughing. He told me, that it's not true that I have been waiting 6 days, as he had called me the day before. I said that it's true that he had called, but he probably did not call me with a reply to my email, so I was therefore still waiting for a reply to my support query. David Walter from Jobserve’s sales team told me, that he still called me so it did not count that I have been waiting for 6 days. I asked David Walter if he had ever read the email I have written to Jobserve's customer support, and he said "No". I then said, that since David Walter had not read the email and didn't know about the email's existence, then how could his phone call qualify as an answer to my support request? David Walter said that technically he is answering the request and that I'm not waiting 6 days to hear from Jobserve. At that point I asked David Walter if I can speak to his manager, which turned out to be a person called Chris Moss.

5) As I haven’t received any direct answer from Jobserve’s customer support, I have called Jobserve's at their main telephone number: +44 (0)1621 817335, and asked about contact details to the management team. Unfortunately since Jobserve's management have instructed their staff not to give direct phone number or email to their management staff, it has not been possible for me to get any direct phone numbers. I told the reception, that I have purchased a Jobserve product, and therefore am a Jobserve customer, and that I would like to leave feedback to the management, but that didn't help, and I still couldn't get any direct contact details to the management. Instead I was told to go through the Customer Support. However since Jobserve's Customer Support is not answering their emails, it seems very difficult to get in touch with Jobserve once you have purchased one of their products (only by searching on Google and Linkedin on words such as "jobserve", "manager jobserve", "founder jobserve" I found some names on management staff at Jobserve.

6) I have emailed Jobserve's management, including Wendy Cowell, Chris Moss, Robbie Cowling, and informed them that I will post a negative comment on and other forums warning people about using Jobserve, and also inform about Jobserve's misleading practice, and lack of customer support, and I have received this answer from Jobserve's Sales Manager, Chris Moss:

From: Chris Moss (Jobserve)
"For you to place negative feedback into the public domain would be classed as libel, should this situation occur JobServe will be forced to take further action and may include contact with your client and the various feedback sites you have detailed.

Kind regards,
Chris Moss,
Divisional Sales Manager, Jobserve

After having posted this review on Trustpilot, I have received this threatening email from Wendy Cowell, Jobserve:

From: Wendy Cowell (Jobserve)

Mr Jaskov,

I’m writing to you in my capacity as Global Online Sales & Business Development Manager for JobServe and as Chris Moss’s direct line manager.

Whilst Chris Moss has been extremely professional and patient in his responses to your ongoing abusive communication to date, your own conduct of behaviour has been unprofessional in the extreme ranging from statements declaring yourself “poor and unemployed” in your initial email ( in which case why would you be looking to advertise jobs in a recruitment capacity) to bordering on the ridiculous whereby you are one amongst many thousand individuals having purchased our “lifetime credits” that apparently do not understand that this actually means they last a lifetime on your account until such time as you are ready to use them!

Each of the job boards you have highlighted below also have expiry times associated with their job credit purchases but none of them offer the unique lifetime expiry option that is available with ourselves at JobServe.

You’ve even gone so far as attaching a screenshot of our checkout process that highlights the fact that each job is published on our website for a 7 day period. What part of this did you not understand?

I’m more than happy to speak with you personally should you wish to discuss matters further, however I strongly advise you to direct all future email communications via your legal representative as we will certainly be doing so here at JobServe.

You cannot blatantly accuse a professional representative of our company (Chris Moss) as being a “SCAMMER” and at the same time threaten that your family and friends are all going to be encouraged to write negative comments about JobServe in the public domain without any recourse to your actions.

Rest assured we will be contacting the Client you’re acting for and each of the sites you have posted negative comments to and providing them with a full rundown of the barrage of ludicrous and threatening communication you have sent through to us.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Cowell
Global Online Sales & Business Development Manager, Jobserve

7) Due, to Jobserve's misleading text, I have been mislead into purchasing a product I thought was a "Lifetime Job Credit, without expiry date" and not a simple "Job post". Until Jobserve acknowledges that their text is misleading, and issues a refund, the best thing I can do in the meantime, is to warn other people about and

Thank you for reading this review.


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