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Advertise laptops they do not stock :-(

Two things about John Lewis that have got up my nose just lately...

1) Saw a laptop online that had a special offer on it, went into store and although the offer didn't run out for three more days, they had none anywhere. Still on the website though.

2) Saw another laptop online and there is only a link to get them to email you when in stock. I rang them TWO WEEKS later and none in stock and NO IDEA when/if they will be getting any. I wanted a Lenovo laptop, there were 17 listed online and 7 are not in stock/likely to be in stock. The lady I rang seemed to think it was funny that she had no idea when/if they would be getting any in stock.

Well I don't think it is funny to advertise things that you have NEVER had in stock.

WAKE UP John Lewis!!!
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