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Redeemed themselves

I initially gave a 1* review of just-eat and I feel that it is only fair to update my review to reflect the customer service received since.

On Monday 20 June at about 1930 I carried out a search for my postcode on SK15 and ordered a meal from "Kurry Hut Denton" as I have done on two previous occasions. However, on the third occasion they stated I live out the delivery area.

I then received a friendly courtesy call from just-eat to advise me of this and they apologised on behalf of the restaurant. I thought this was a nice touch.

I then tried to make a second order on the same evening from another restaurant under the SK15 postcode from "Royal Tandoori". This was approved and an estimated delivery time was displayed. I then received a rude phonecall from the restaurant moaning about the distance they'd have to travel to deliver and said they'd have to cancel it and abruptly asked why did I order from them?

I then assumed that the second order which was approved would result in money coming out of my account so i went on the web based live chat to try and stop the money being taken out of my account. I felt that the operator didn't seem all that interested but in defence of just-eat, this could be due to the barrier of the web based system which isn't very personal.

I was a bit annoyed about my experience at this stage and wrote a negative review which, if you are reading this is now is this updated review.

Andrew Carpenter, from just-eat has then replied to my previous review requesting I give him further details, which I did. Andrew promptly replied to my email within 24 hours stating that he'd spoken to both restaurants who rejected my order. The Kurry Hut apologised as they were busy and wouldn't have been able to deliver to me but they will in future which I'm happy about cause they do good curries! The Royal Tandoori were removed from my postcode which will also prevent others from the SK15 postcode experiencing the same difficulties.

I feel that the service Andrew offered is second to none as he could have replied with a generic apologetic email and left it at that, but he looked into the complaint and took steps to try and prevent it from happening again. I cannot ask more than that because my initial gripe lies with the restaurants and not just-eat.

After my experience, which by my own admission as I have made over 50 orders with just-eat, this is the first problem I have had. Generally they are very good and the issues tend to be with the restaurants and not just-eat... so read the reviews for the restaurants and write your own because it'll help others.

My faith has been restored with just eat and I will happily continue using them when I want to do something nice for the girlfriend (i.e. get me out of trouble)
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Good afternoon Mark,

    Please can you email me with full details so I can investigate this fully for you

    Pleas email help@just-eat.co.uk

    Kind regards
    Andrew Carpenter
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