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Great website but leaves a few things to be desired.

I love Just-Eat, it's easy to use and don't take very long to just search, order and eat.
If it had any downsides i think it would be the lack of co-ordination between them and the restaurants. For example i ordered a 2 piece value box a few nights ago that basically came with 2 pieces of chicken and chips. It turned up in a decent amount of time but when i opened it, it had one piece of chicken. Who do i complain too? do i go to the quite handy live chat and say i'm missing a piece of chicken. What is the person on the other end supposed to do? cook one up? I could complain to the restaurant but they often say that i'd have to talk to Just-Eat themselves. I know mistakes will happen but there is no easy and obvious way to rectify things when it does go wrong. I think if the company engaged more with their restaurants, took the time to actually read customer reviews and force those with generally bad reviews to buck up or get removed, then i think the website would be a great way to get food with little hassle.
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