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Rubbish food

I ordered my food online at 7.25 it should have arrived at the latest 8.10. We got it at 8.45 and paid £13. It was a big disappointment and we ended up throwing it all away because it was inedible, the chips were rubbery, the burgers were disgusting and the kebab was a mess. The pop we wanted was fanta and we got a cheaper version. I will never go to planet pizza in newcastle or let anyone I know order food from there again and I'm very angry that I wasted £13. A total let down.
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hello Benjamin,

    I am sorry to hear that your meal arrived late. Unfortunately JUST EAT does not take any part in the preparation or delivery of the order. I will be happy to speak to the takeaway on your behalf to investigate further. We do advise our takeaways to contact our customers as soon as possible if for any reason they are unable to commit to the original delivery time they accepted.

    Please forward me your order details. My email address is trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk

    Kind Regards,
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