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crap service waste of time

Ordered takeaway at girlfriends couple times no problem using her card. Added my card to her account for when i am at hers. Since then just eat keeps declining both cards even though there is sufficient funds in account, so i set up my own account with my card but her address, once again card declined even though there is plenty of funds in account. So rang takeaway direct to pay by card over phone they said fine but would have to pay£ 2.50 delivery not the £1 advertised on just eat. RIDICULOUS!!!!!! I refused to pay the £2.50 what is the difference from ordering online or over the phone. I wanted to tell takeaway guy to get stuffed but with girlfriends daughter starving i had to walk to the cash point get money and choose pay by cash on just east getting the £1 delivery charge why could'nt he just do it over phone he has done it for that price in the end anyway. I realise the delivery charge was the takeaway trying to scam extra money and not just eat but if just eat had not messed up both cards in the first place none of this would of happened. I have since seen hundreds of reviews stating problems with cards and people no longer using just eat because of this. Well WELL DONE JUST EAT you have just lost another customer I suggest you sort your website out.
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hello Luke,

    I am sorry to hear that your card was declined. Just to make you aware, in the future, if you do plan to place an order through JUST EAT and you continue to have issues when placing a card payment, there is also a pay by cash option. Therefore you will still be able to place an order through JUST EAT ensuring the delivery price stays the same.

    The delivery prices vary depending on the whether you order through JUST EAT or not. Unfortunately we have no control over the amount the takeaways charge for their private deliveries as the majority of our takeaways operate as independent businesses as well as being apart of JUST EAT.

    If you would like me to investigate further for you. Please email trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk and we will be happy to assist.

    Kind Regards,
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