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Poor Service, rubbish customer relations

Definitely don't use unless you want to be let down. You are much better contacting takeaways direct, usually you get better service and quicker delivery by contacting takeaways direct. If you have to pay by card ask the takeaway if they have their own website for ordering. I had a problem where my order was rejected - the reason being that it was too far (if you could say 1 mile was too far!) the customer service rep who called me to confirm the rejection was rude and offensive, and lets face it who wants to be put out by a company who can't be bothered with your order - AVOID don't give this company something for nothing go direct! Even if just one person is put off ordering by reading my review would be worth it! AVOID AVOID AVOID Middlemen making money off everyone and giving really poor service in return!
    Just Eat
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hi Lucy,

    I'm rally sorry to see this. We currently work on the first half of the delivery postcode. Some postcodes can stretch over 10 miles (mostly in rural areas). Majority of takeaway whether they are on JUST EAT or not will deliver within a 3 mile radius. This is why we give the takeaways the option to reject orders based on distance.

    In your case, your order should not have been cancelled. If it was, it may have been because the takeaway refused to do the order and if so we have processes in place in situations like this.

    I would still like to look into this for you, would you mind emailing me with additional details to trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk.


    Kind regards,
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