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When you are craving a takeaway, Just Eat is just the job.

A lot of people use just eat when they can't be bothered cooking. That's not necessarily the case with me, as I'm always willing to don an apron. But sometimes, we crave AUTHENTIC food, cooked traditionally or maybe there's not a lot of ingredients in the cupboards. We are a family of vegans, and Just Eat allows us to browse multiple menus , enabling us to find a restaurant that fulfills our needs. With this site, no longer do we have to try and make do with the few leaflets that have arrived through the door. Yes, we have had mediocre experiences, but on the whole the food always meets expectations. We were let down badly just once, and a live chat with the Just Eat team soon sorted things out. (A refund arrived a short while later- I'd chosen to pay by card on that occasion) I like ordering food online, when it's getting on a bit you don't always feel like picking up the phone do you? And I like the fact that you can get discounts from some restaurants- appreciated in these lean times. I also take time to read the reviews, and do my best to rate my meal. Will be revisiting Just Eat , that I can guarantee!
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hey Nicola!

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a review :) It's great to hear that we can help everyone find the foods that fit their needs and in a convenient way too. I am also glad to hear that when something didn't work out so well that someone from our Live Chat team was able to help you and arrange a refund. It's good to hear you enjoy the discounts that many of the takeaways on our site provide on different days :)

    Kind regards

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