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bad service, delivery not done more than once and money do not returned, noone knows whwere my money is

Really upset and i feel a fool as i ordered again even when once i paid by card and i never got my money back, customer services told me it will come back to my account but they got a technical problem, i let it pass,but now, hungry and just hoe i decided to used my last 17 pounds to order a pizza , they took money but Pizza Pizza said they never received the order and asked me to call Just Eat... again.. money out of my account before the order had been acepted... what an scam!!! i will never use it again!!!

One take away even call me back to tell me to call them directly and not use just eat, he was very upset and i could not understand why, for a service that should make things easy it just made all more complicated, beware and if used, never paid by credit card , use the cash option and call the restaurant to confirm, so, you are better off calling your take away directly...
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hi David,

    I'm really sorry to have seen this. Customers should only be billed for completed orders so I'm really sorry if this wasn't the case. Could you email me with further details so we can have this matter resolved for you, my email address is trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk.


    Kind regards,

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