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Great from day one!!

Always loved the concept and idea of just eat, the facts that it works is even better. Phoning takaways can be a pian at times e.g with communication with the people taking it, so offten get the order muddled up. Now this is a thing of tne past as it clearly states whats been ordered and so for. Just eat is everywhere now and makes life so much easier when you want to be a fatty. One tinny tinny problem well less of a problem and more a greedy idea is to hava a app for android it has been a while now since iso have had theres and I feel a little left out. Apart from that great company great offers and keep up the good work :)
    Just Eat
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hey Steven,

    Thanks for leaving a review! It's amazing to see you like our service and that it all works for you. You'll probably also be really pleased to see we've officially released an android app!!



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