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Just Eat, an excellent way to eat at home

I used the service whilst in Denmark over the last 2 years, and more than happy to use it now that I am back in the UK. The Danish service has a facility whereby, for a very small fee, you can order with your card now and pay in 15 days, maybe something Just Eat UK could think about introducing? Other than that, it has continued the high standards I came to expect over 2 years using the Danish service. Keep up the good work !!
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hey Shaun!

    I am really pleased to hear that you have been able to use us in Denmark as well as the UK :) The idea of paying at a later date is a good one, we'll definitely pass that on, although if they're trying it in Denmark maybe in due course they'll roll it out to the world!

    Thanks for leaving us a review, we do really appreciate the 5 star rating :)

    Kind regards

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