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Just Eat customer service is totally appalling , would be better off phoning takeaway than using this ocmpany.

The service at just eat has been terrible and on more than one occasion as well. 4 times over the last few months I have placed an order for myself and the children and the card payment has been declined even though the funds were there in my account, on one of these occasions I tried again within a few minutes of the first declined order and once again it was declined for insufficient funds. On all of these occasions that just eat has declined the payments the money has been taken from my bank leaving me with no food and no money and the last time as I had tried twice, 2 payments were taken. I rang just eat and was told that there was nothing they could do to rectify the situation despite me not being able to buy supper for the kids as it had been taken for a non existent order. Just eat were totally unhelpful, and did not offer any kind of recompense for the situation and it was the same story for the other declined orders. Just eat will try and blame it on the takeaway saying that the order was declined as they were too busy or too far away but I know the manager of my local takeaway very well and the orders were never even received by them either as just eat take payment first before sending order to takeaway. I was basically told it wasn't Just Eats fault or problem and that the money would 'drop' back into my account, eventually which is no good when you need the money there and then for the food. Yes I did eventually get all the money back but each transaction took 14 WORKING DAYS (3 weeks) to be reimbursed to my account. They say it is not their fault but I have never had this problem with anyone other than Just Eat, to happen once it could be a genuine error but to happen 4 times is totally incompetent and unacceptable. At no time have they offered compensation for the inconvenience caused which to me is also bad customer service. I now will only pay cash on delivery as I have no faith in just eats payment system. Bad customer service with no apology or sympathy for the situation they put me in time after time.
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hiya Angela,

    I'm really sorry to see you're unhappy with our service. I'd like to look into this for you to see if there is anything we can do for you.

    I'd also like to take a moment to explain the way our payment system works, when an order is initiated your bank reserves the funds from your available balance so the funds are available when due to be debited. In a case where a order is cancelled we do not capture these funds and the bank will release them back to your available balance when the authorisation expires.

    This would not display as a refund from JUST EAT. Time lines for the authorisation to expire depend on the bank’s policy.

    In your case I appreciate that the authorisation meant you we're unable to place another order the same evening, in cases such as these we do have a process in place to allow customers to re-order the same evening.

    As I've said previously, I would like to look into this for you, would you mind emailing us with you order details? Our email address is trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk.

    Thank you

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