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Property Damage, Read on

A couple of weeks ago I ordered from a new local takeaway wanting to try them out and when the food arrived I wasn't too pleased, the chicken burger I ordered was horrible, the bun was burnt and very sloppy underneath and just fell apart but I am willing to get places a second chance and two days ago I ordered the same food but I had bigger problems this time with the delivery driver. I live in a set of flats and the two main doors are always open so I expected him to just come up the stairs and knock on my door and deliver but he was too stupid too stupid to try this so he started pestering my neighbours by invading on their privacy by banging on their windows and looking through asking for the doors to be opened , just before all this happened he kept ringing me but my speaker doesn’t work on my phone so I text him back asking him to text me back and he just kept ringing and ringing so I kept texting back and nothing and a couple of minutes later I heard this bang on my window and the delivery driver was throwing stones at my window to attract my attention when my neighbour below me opened the doors and he still failed to open them, so I went down stairs myself to open the door and I heard another bang and the stones had chipped my windows and I was ready to throttle him so I asked him if he’s going to pay for my window to be repaired and he said ‘ The doors were not open’ and I told him they were and I just took the bag off him and told him to piss off.

I then immediately got in contact with Just-Eat and got through to a person called Kirsty and I told her and she said there is nothing just eat can do because they are just marketers for take away’s even though they take my money, she then told me to phone the Police and I told her no and that Just Eat need to do something about this, she then said she’s going to call the take away and she did, and she said that the manager said it’s very hard to believe even though I told her I have three witnesses then she adds an idiot called ‘Winter’ to the conversation who tried blowing smoke up my back side and then just told me over and over that there is nothing they can do, so I know have cold food and a damaged window which is going to take a couple of hundred pounds to replace.

Thanks Just eat, I appreciate it

(this was written through my friends facebook account, I am not from Ireland, I am in the UK).
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hey Cillian,

    I'm really sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the first order which you placed with us. In cases like this, where the customer is unhappy with the meal, we will do the best we can to negotiate with the takeaway in order to see if there is any type of compensation that they may be able to offer.

    In regards to the issues you experienced with your second order, we can only apologise for the inappropriate behavior which the delivery driver showed. It is unacceptable to cause damage to property. As the delivery drivers are employed by the takeaway, any issue involving them should be reported to the takeaway directly aswell has being reported to the local authorities. The delivery drivers are not under our care. Criminal damage should always be reported to the police as it is against the law, therefore the JUST EAT agent which you spoke with was correct to tell you to contact them.

    Please feel free to email me the details of the first order you placed with us and I will contact the takeaway for you. My email address is trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk

    Kind Regards,
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