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Never Again, don't respect their customer!!!

We wanted to order from a pizza takeaway. They had a deal what is the topical of "to good to be true", it was too cheap for the amount of food we would receive.
Of course after we ordered the restaurant rejected our order with a fake reason. Later we heard different reason from them.
After contacting Just-eat, they basically refused to do anything about it. with the reply from them:
"unfortunately we have no control over the delivery time or quality of the food prepared and whether the order is fulfilled.
Unfortunately if an order is cancelled we do not allow customers to leave reviews.
I can only offer my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. "
They just collect our money but don't protect our interest.
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hello Mate

    I'm really sorry that your order was rejected last night. I'd like to have a look into this for you, so if you could send your order details over to us at trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk we'll see what we can do.

    Thanks for leaving us a review, all feedback is appreciated :)

    Kind regards

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