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Happy to take your money but not deliver your food

This company are cowboys. Not only did I get charged twice for ordering a Chinese but I then didn't even receive my food. I phoned to speak to someone at Just Eat and got a rude obnoxious man on the other end of the phone who was not in the slightest bit interested in my issue as the 'funds will be put back in 4 days' why would I want MY money back in FOUR days?? If this company is going to take funds then they should be committed to making sure customers actually receive what they ordered.

Horrendous service both online and on the phone. DO NOT USE
    Just Eat
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hi Bella,

    Really sorry to hear about this, the reason the funds are authorised straight away is due to JUST EAT being the middle man in the ordering process, we need to secure those funds for the takeaway so they can do the delivery.

    I understand the order was cancelled and I can only apologise for this, if the order was cancelled on the day of the order, we would not have got the funds in our account for the order and would not be refunding the order, what would happen instead would be just the cancellation of the transaction.

    When this happens though the funds are still not available to you as your bank would still be holding them pending a transaction, it's only after your bank has expired the authorisation the funds will go back to your available balance.

    If you need further information Bella, just send an email to the address below.


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