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Good, but could use some improvements.

I received an email yesterday asking me to review Just-Eat to win a £25 voucher. First off I'd like to say that they e-mail they sent was full of mistakes. 1. They didn't write it properly they put "(our our smartphone app!)". 2. The link that says LEAVE YOUR REVIEW doesn't take me anywhere, I had to type in trustpilot just-eat to get to this page manually (via a search engine)

I have been a customer with just-eat for a number of years now, I have opened accounts and then closed them to prevent me from ordering takeaways. Because it's just so easy to order stuff, it almost becomes second nature. The site keeps you logged in, you can call up your local takeaways with a few clicks and then order.

I must admit it can become very habit forming, I must log in to the website at least once a day to see what tempts me. One thing that could use some improvement is the review system. I don't know about some people but I order a lot of takeaways and when it comes to leaving reviews on older orders that I've forgotten about. I have to click the "Leave a review" link next to every order to check, there isn't a little tick box or an indicator next to the order that tells the customer that they've left a review. That's something that could really be useful in making improvements to the website.

I have noticed that there isn't a search box on the menu's to search for specific items, I could even expand that idea along the lines of a search box on the restaurant screen. I know you can select a restaurant type and filter it by Distance or User rating etc, but if your just after a specific dish or something. It might be a great idea to be able to just type in what you want and it comes up with the restaurants that serve that dish. Like I could type in "Chicken Korma" and it would come up with all the restaurants names, user rating, the price of the dish and minimum order.

Then I could make an informed decision instead of spending like an hour looking through a few dozen menus to see if they have what I want, make things even easier for customers I say!

I have installed the mobile app before and have attempted to order, but for some reason when it gets to checking out it just doesn't seem to want to get there. I get a white screen with no progress, so I abandoned using the app in favor of using the website.

I hope my comments have been helpful and thanks for the years of wonderful service.
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    Reply from Just Eat

    Hi Graham

    Thanks so much for your in depth feedback, you've given us some really good ideas here which we will most definitely pass on to our developers. It's really interesting to hear some little tweaks you think would improve your time on our site. Sorry about the spelling mistakes in the email, though!

    We really appreciate you taking time to leave us a review as it's so helpful to hear what our customers have to say about our service.

    Kind regards

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