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I made my order for a passing bracket on 30th April 2013. It was quite late arriving as I expected it to arrive within two to three days. Anyway that is not the point. It arrived on the 6th May but I was surprised to see the state of the packaging, The bracket was in a box that been opened. The top of the box had come off, there was a staple sticking out which caught on my finger when I opened the outer package, even though the box was wrapped in a form of bubble wrap the end of the box was not secure. This was put into a blue plastic envelope which was put into another larger blue plastic envelope. I opened the first envelope to pull out the second one, and when I did this my hand was covered in a black soot type dust. The whole inner envelope was covered in this dust which subsequently transferred to the inside of the outer envelope. I had black dust all over my hands by the time I had opened both envelopes and all over my kitchen counter. There's not much you can do about it now but I just wanted to bring it to you attention. Regards, Christine Morgan.
    JUSTPOLES- Curtain poles and Curtain Tracks
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    Hello Mrs Morgan
    As your transaction failed and the order was actually paid for on the 1st May, then arrived on the 6th it has arrived to you on the 4th working day.
    As this order was dispatched in good condition, we would be greatfull if you could forward any photos to sales@justpoles.com as we would like to investigate..
    Justpoles Sales Dept
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