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Excellent kilt, unimpressed with delivery

Hi there,

Firstly I'd like to say how deeply impressed with the kilt I am. It was produced as promised to the timeline of my event and fits perfectly. I did however have issues with the delivery. I was not in the flat when the package was delivered last week and instructed my flatmate to receive the package on my behalf however the courier couldn't deliver it despite my flatmate being in the flat at the time. This involved me having to do a 2-hour round trip to Glenrothes before going to my event in order to pick it up. In all honesty I might as well have come to Edinburgh to your shop and picked it up directly myself. In essence my kilt was NOT delivered to me and the option of picking it up at the depot was absolutely unacceptable. This has marred my kilt purchase and it caused a massive inconvenience. I appreciate this is not Kinloch Anderson's fault directly and I'm sure this is an exceptional circumstance however if I am to pay for the delivery of my product and it hasn't been delivered then this is a failure. I would like to point out that I did receive the answerphone message from yourselves so again I am not blaming Kinloch Anderson rather their choice of courier.
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    Reply from Kinloch Anderson

    Thank you for your comments and we are delighted you liked the kilt but are very sorry not all went to plan.
    We have looked into the delivery issues concerning the courier and are unclear exactly how it happened but the important fact was it did not get delivered to you appropriately in a timely and efficient manner.
    We have contacted you directly to both offer our sincere apologies and a goodwill gesture to hopefully ensure you enjoy many years of wearing your Kinloch Anderson kilt.
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