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Knowhow are Useless: Avoid

I brought a laptop online from PC World. It arrived in a flimsy transit box and the velcro strap on the adapter was damaged. No biggie, I used the laptop trouble-free for a year.

Just before the 12 month warranty was due to expire the notebook needed to be repaired - new keyboard and a power adapter. I took the machine into my local PC World branch and was told I'd be without it for 10 days whilst it was shipped off for repair at KnowHow.

When the laptop came back it had a scratch across the screen. It went back for another 10 days for the screen to be replaced.

The second time I collected the machine I plugged it in at my desk and, after an hour, there was no power. I called KnowHow, expressed my utter displeasure and then tried to catch up with the 20 days of work that I was behind on. The machine would only work plugged in at a desk and any movement would drop the power form the adapter.

Weeks and months passed by without any customer service representative bothering to check up. I sent them another communication and they promised to respond within 3 days. Nothing.

More time passed by. I had more choice communications with them. They assigned me a rather gruff "customer service" employee who, agreed that KnowHow would again attempt to fix the power issue. Desperately needing a replacement machine to work with they very reluctantly agreed to provide a laptop, What turned up was the most basic, useless laptop I've ever seen. Needless to say, after an initial attempt to use it, it was boxed up and ignored for another 10 days.

By this time it was coming up to xmas and I had to fly out to see my family in the US. The night before the flight the laptop had still not turned up so I called KnowHow and they said it would arrive after I'd left the country.

In desperation I arranged to physically pick up my laptop form the depot in Southampton, The staff were all excellent in getting this arranged for me. I made the 3 hour, 100 mile round trip and came home, at about 9-10pm with my laptop, complete with a note saying it was completely fixed.

At home the laptop eventually ran out of power an the new adpater was, again, useless. I flew out the US, spent 3 weeks away without my laptop and came back to the UK to give them yet another piece of my mind. This time they agreed to just send me a new power adapter. The goods did arrive and, whilst I didn't thank them for FINALLY getting it right, neither did PC World/ KnowHow/ Dixons Retail ever bother to chase up the case to see if I was a happy customer.

So, a laptop sent away 3 times, with 3 new adapters, many weeks of delays, a scratched screen, a 3 hour, 100 mile journey in my own time, a pointless loan laptop and a really shoddy customer service from the head office - This totally outweighs the one nice member of the service team at Xmas and the warehouse staff who were all excellent - the fact that KnowHow kept saying they'd fixed the machine when it clearly was not repaired is why I will never shop with these people again, they just cannot be trusted and "customer service" is an oxymoron.
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