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To call them inept would be an understatement!

We are thoroughly disgusted with the service we have received as Whatever Happens customers with KnowHow. On the 21st January 2013 our cooker, which is just 2 years old, stopped working. We called KnowHow and were given an appointment for January 26th 2013. Issue number one- according to our contract, we should have had an engineer’s visit within two working days.
The engineer arrived on the 26th and conducted an examination of the cooker and concluded that it needed a specific part replaced. Issue number two- this same fault had occurred and been remedied around the 29th December 2011, when the machine was little under a year old.
The engineer said he didn’t have the required part and so said he would order it. This part was supposed to be fitted on the 6th February 2013. My husband requested an appointment after 3pm due to work commitments. He was assured that this was would happen. Issue number three- my husband later received a call stating that the part was not available. He stressed that the oven had not been in working order for over two weeks and pleaded with them to at least try to fix it on the agreed date. Obviously without a part, this did not happen.
A new date was set for 15th February 2013. Once again my husband requested a slot after 3pm and once again this was agreed by the member of KnowHow staff that he spoke with. Issue number four- at 10am on Friday 15th February my husband received a call from the engineer stating he was 15 minutes away from our property. My husband pointed out that he had requested and been assured of a slot after 3pm. My husband agreed with the engineer to try and call someone to let him in and that the engineer would call back. Issue number five- the engineer didn’t bother to call back and the person that my husband had hurriedly arranged to let him in had put themselves out for nothing.
We have spoken to a plethora of customer service staff this morning trying to resolve this issue. ‘Monica’ assured me that they could do a replacement visit on the 16th but would only issue a 12 hour slot that we might be able to narrow down after 9pm tonight, meaning that all plans for the 16th would have to be hastily rearranged. I stated that this was unacceptable, especially as the fault lay with KnowHow. I asked to speak with a manager and was informed that one was not available but that ‘Martin’ (a manager) could call me back within the hour. Issue number six- no call back.
Rather annoyed, my husband had to leave work and return home to help sort this issue out. He called customer services back and spoke with another member of staff who basically said the best he could do was transfer us to the white goods department. At this point we were put on hold and I took over the conversation. I spoke with ‘Steven’ who said the most they could do would be to book us in for another appointment on the 23rd February. I informed him that this would take us past the 28 days stated in the agreement, to which his response was “Unfortunately we would class todays missed appointment as a customer induced delay and therefore wouldn’t be covered by the 28 day period”. I asked to speak to a manager and was put through to ‘Dan’ (a supervisor) who I can only sum up as the epitome of rudeness and arrogance. He insisted that we were at fault and therefore waiting until the 23rd would be acceptable. When I stated that Monica had assured us the 16th, I was duly informed that there was no Monica there and neither was there a Martin. Reluctantly he agreed that they could be a member of another department. He read out notes from the previous call my husband had made to arrange the 15th February appointment which contradicted my husband’s account of the conversation, such as “He requested an appointment after 3pm”, suggesting that we were wrong in our assertion that we had been given a guarantee of an after 3pm appointment. He refused to accept that what was written down was different to the nature of the conversation that had taken place. At this point I requested a copy of the phone call and was told not all calls are recorded and that I could have a copy of the notes. I pointed out that legally I was allowed to request at the very least a transcript of the conversation. He also told me that he couldn’t call the engineer to find out why he had left as he didn’t “have the number”. Also throughout the entire conversation he kept insisting that in our contract it clearly states that appointments are all day slots, however I have read and reread our contract and there is nothing in it that states this. There was nothing constructive he could offer in order to ascertain a resolution. Begrudgingly I had to accept the 23rd. He then passed me back to ‘Steven’ who again tried to point out we were at fault so this was the best they could offer. I again asked him to check for the conversation with Monica and this time he miraculously found it in the notes and so we are now booked in for the 16th February. He also offered to call the engineer to find out his side of the story, at which point I stated that ‘Dan’ had told me this wasn’t possible. Issue number seven- not put through to a manager. Issue number 8- rude, arrogant staff who appear to have little training in the field in which they work. Information given has been misleading, contradictory and quite simply, staggeringly inaccurate.
To expect a family with young children to go for a month without a cooker is unreasonable but the irritation that we have felt during this whole drawn out saga is compounded by the ineptitude of the KnowHow staff.
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