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Don't let the name fool you....

After our washing machine had a catastrophic failure, we decided to order a new one from Currys as they had some good deals. As I have no idea how to plumb in a washing machine we decided to pay the extra for the installation.

My wife waited in for the delivery which to be fair was on time but I did get a rather rude phone call asking for directions with the driver making me feel it was my fault my flat was difficult to is an idea USE A SAT NAV!

Half an hour later I received a call from my wife saying that they were unable to install the machine as it needed to be wired into the mains and they are not qualified to do this. This is also fair enough as they state this in the T&C's, which can be found somewhere at the back end of their website.

This is where things get silly. After a few days of having two washing machines sat in my living room (broken and new) The neighbour whose garage I live above asked me if my kitchen was above his garage. Feeling a bit puzzled he then showed me a the big water mark on his ceiling which had obviously come from my flat.

It turns out that the chaps from KNOWHOW had disconnected the old pipes without draining the water out of them and just left them. I moved my fridge freezer and the carpet underneath was soaking wet! I immediately called customer services who apologised and offered me £30 of vouchers. Incredulous I said this was totally unacceptable as there was a serious issue here, not only the damage to the carpet/underlay but also the electrical wiring for the fridge. My wife also told me that when they were trying to install the machine one of the chaps nearly cut through a live wire but the other one managed to stop him.

After a few days I got another phone call and they offered to pay for me to hire a rug doctor to remove the water stains from the carpet. £40. Again I said this was unacceptable as I would have to spend my own time doing this and my own fuel going to pick up the machine.

Anyway the case is still ongoing. In the end I got a local installer to do the job, cost a bit more but did an excellent job.

So the moral of the story is, don't let these guys kid you into thinking they are professional electrical installers. Will probably just but from John Lewis next time as in the end you get what you pay for.
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