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incorrect advice and poor fitment (damaged caused)

i went to the garage to get a quote on 2x 135 35 19 Pirelli P Zeros.
the garage were un helpful they pointed me away and to look online.
I went online to be faced with two choices of Pirelli P Zero tyres.
both identical in cost and description apart from one being designed with extra reinforcement for AUDI cars. As i drive a VW Scirocco i was unsure whether or not mine would be classed to have the extra re inforcement. As VW are part of the AUDI group i thought i would call the "tyre experts" for clarification on what i should order.
After a brief phone call the advisor suggested to me i should order the AUDI reinforced tyres to be on the safe side as my VW is part of the audi group.
Tyres arrive with the mobile fitter. Fitment seemed pretty straight forward and easy. it was then after the first wheel was placed onto the car that i noticed the OBVIOUS difference between my original p zeros and these re inforced ones.
The tyre now bulged out from the rim and no longer was it flush against the car. This was an obvious and ugly finish compared to my rears. now the car looks un balance and ugly. i told the mechanic to not bother fitting the second as i would like to order the non re inforced in the hope that they would be a shallower fit against the rim. He did his best to re order the correct ones and fix the call centres mistake.
Noticing the difference between my original and the audi fitment there is a small code to disginguish the difference which is not detailed on the website. nor were the advisors aware of this.
The original tyre was then re fitted until the new tyres arrive. It was then i noticed the outer edge of my 19" £645 wheel was grazed and dented from the tools used. maybe because of the drivers haste to get the tyre back onto the rim.
I am not happy about any of this. i have paid for a service and been given nothing but problems. The difference in tyre should be detailed so this mistake does not happen in future and the advisors made aware of the differences between tyres otherwise what is the point in them being there....?
unhappy customer will never use them again... will go to the dealer and spend the extra £80 for the sake of a job well done.
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