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I decided to spoil myself and my partner with 2 day holiday in Oxfordshire. I couldn't like any hotel that will suit as price and rank. So I decided to go with the Top Secret hotel which they advertise as:
Check out our Top Secret hotels. These rates are so low our hotel partners don't want to put their names to them... !?!?
You can not see the name of the hotel or where it is till you pay and agree to the ridicules no refund cancellation policy. After I saw the hotel I did my research. Something rang bells!!!
Fine the hotel looked nice but I found out that the same room with breakfast for the same room with 24h cancellation policy and not only that but £ 25 pounds cheaper price. And Lastminute have the guts to claim that they offer prices so low that the hotel don't want to be named .
They promise a price match if you find the hotel cheaper. I wrote them 3 email. Responded to one claiming that they can't see the print screens of the websites that I had to put in my email. Not only that but they reminded me that the screen shots needs to be taken at not later than 24h of the making of the booking.

I got my respond 4 days later. First email was from a very rude and without any manner or are of customer service Rimi Bhattacharya. She not only said that the screenshot that I send them wasn't from the website she wanted to see. I did not bloody get it. They can just go to the websites and check it.

After all I think I was so angry that somehow they forwarded my email to the VIP team. The lovely Sue Fossett reached the hotel and inquired about the price ... They reduced the price and upgraded our room. Sue was extremely kind and helpful. For with I am very happy but they need to sort out their Indian team.
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