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This company is completely unreliable, inconsiderate of their customers' travel needs, and can be an utter detriment to your trip!

I tried to make a booking on their site for a room that I needed about 10 days later. Some of their hotels show availability, but say that you have to send an email request first (so you fill in all the required credit card info, etc.) and they will get back to you to confirm. The website says that this is an option "if you are not travelling within the next 24 hours." Assuming that this meant I would receive confirmation within 24 hours, I sent a request, and received an email saying I would hear back soon. Two days passed with nothing, so I tried to call their customer service line (note: I'm currently outside of the UK so this was quite an expensive call). Being on hold for 15 minutes and all of my Skype credits later, I still couldn't get through to a customer service rep, so I gave up and sent them an email.

Now, their email policy says that a reply will be sent within 48 hours. I sent this email, waited 48 hours, and still nothing. I sent a second email. Once again, no reply. This time, before the 48 hours was up, I called customer service again and thankfully managed to get through to someone. By this point, it had been almost 5 days since I sent the original request, and not a single person had bothered to reply to my original email request.

You can see where this is going...I get on the phone with the customer service rep, and he informs me that the room I tried to book is, in fact, not available. He offers to help me find an alternative, starting at £300/night more than the room I'd originally tried to book. Because, by this point, I was only 5 days away from my travel date, it was virtually impossible to find another room at a comparable price.

I had several other options that I could've gone with, and had I known that it would've taken them FIVE WHOLE DAYS to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, I would never have sent the reservation request in the first place. Obviously, I couldn't simply go and make a booking elsewhere during this time, since my credit card information would've been passed along to the hotel had the booking been confirmed. All in all, the company's policy has cost me about £300 in unnecessary costs, not including the Skype credits I wasted calling them. All they had to do was: 1) put up adequate notice informing people that they should not expect to hear back about reservation requests in a timely manner, 2) hire customer service representatives to answer their emails within 48 hours as their policy claims, or 3) actually process these requests and inform people when their request didn't go through.

All in all, do not expect a good customer service experience - or ANY customer service, for that matter - from this company. I'm guessing they are no more helpful to customers who need to make cancellations or changes to their bookings either. I have a lot of travel plans ahead, but I will not be using this site again. I strongly suggest you go with a similar site - priceline, expedia, etc. - where they offer similar rates and more reliable customer service.

EDIT: I specifically requested over the phone that they send me an email confirming that my reservation request had been cancelled (so the hotel can't turn around and charge me for not showing up). The service rep said an email was on its way, but I received no such thing. I am now sending a THIRD email to customer service, but I'm sure it will be completely ignored, just like the previous two email inquiries I sent.
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