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Great product, pity about the colour! - take 2 (spelling!)

Yes, a great product technically and performance-wise.
What colour are most domestic wall sockets? Correct - white.
We have a Stands Unique AV shelving system in glass - transparent glass. I did my best to hide the black LINDY power supply sockets with black cabling and black plug tops but my wife hates them.
I am now tasked with finding, or creating white cable covering and devising ways of hiding the black socketry and plug tops?
Why do most Hi-Fi equipment designers never imagine their products displayed in an domestic environment?
Sorry to complain but my listening pleasure in determining the effectiveness of your product is suspended by extra-decorative research and activities.
Any suggestions?
Alan Wenbourne
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    Reply from LINDY UK

    Hi Alan

    Thanks for the feedback. I've passed your comments on to our Product Management department.

    To be honest, this is the first time anyone has commented on the colour being an issue, and we've sold many hundreds of these - the convention is for Hi-Fi and AV equipment to be black, but I take your point about use in a domestic situation.

    There are white cable tidy box solutions available that you might want to explore, if you google Bluelounge Cablebox, for an example.

    LINDY Michael
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