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I have purchased 4 Living Social Advertisement Vouchers for various offers and have had problems with ALL 4.

1st one – kept cancelling appointments – took me 4 times and having to get rude to get them to keep the appointment.
2nd one was a gift for friends and when they went the facility was CLOSED DOWN AND CHAINED UP
3rd one – It has taken 3 months of stress and again having to get rude to get an appointment set up – we’ll see if they show.
4th one – Is this one

I want my money back. The deals are FALSE ADVERTISING and/or the stress and time I am taking in the mornings, on lunch breaks, in the evenings and week-ends to use them is not worth any advertised savings if they ever respond.

They have REFUSED to refund my money. They offer a credit for more horrible deals with them.

HORRIBLE COMPANY. This is the 2nd time this has happened with LIVING SOCIAL! FALSE ADVERTISING!!! I purchased a Living Social coupon in March 2012 for Adler's Contracting and have been leaving messages for them to contact me on the phone number provided as well as multiple e-mails. NO ONE has responded to my many, many calls and multiple e-mails to schedule the advertised offer for painting and the coupon expires in Sept. BUYER BEWARE!!!! WITH THIS COMPANY AND LIVING SOCIAL. I have also been contacting Living Social who refuses to refund my money, claims they will contact me back and never do, I finally started keeping written names and dates of who I've spoken with and as of today my 4th call to them they still refuse to refund my money. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING THROUGH LIVING SOCIAL is my recommendation.

GROUPON and RESTAURANT.COM are GREAT!! I've never had any problems with the offers on their sites.
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