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Scam Deals!!!!!

Living Social offers, they sell a deal through their website, but when you try to redeem your voucher the vendor doesn't answer calls or returns my voice msgs. I have tried to contact them the entire week, they are probably out of business, because any business running would check clients voice messages on a daily basis.
This is the response I got from Living Social, another words, they are no help at all.

Watch out! you might became a victim like me, they sell services from a dead beat vendors like "Orlando Medical Center".

Hi Liliam,

Thanks for following up with us.
We apologize you have been unable to contact the merchant via phone, and kindly suggest you try emailing or visiting their Contact page.
your request is outside our refund policy, LivingSocial cannot issue a refund. Additionally, our terms & conditions do state The Merchant is the issuer of the Voucher and is solely responsible for redeeming the Voucher.

Thanks for LivingSocial,

Angela | Consumer Services | LivingSocial |
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