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you can visit London without it

I had it for 6 days and if I had paid full admission price to all the attractions i visited, it worse it. However, to compensate for the price, i tried visiting 2-3 sites a day which is exhausting. At the end, my wife refused to go places which we would not go for if did not have the pass anyways. Few places did not work out. Say Thames River Cruise - got there around 3:30 pm and was told I have time to go to Greenwich. Turns out the ship there just departed and no other for today. Figured i would go to the London Tower instead. The ship broke. Returned to the ticket booth trying to get my ticket re-arranged for another day - got "No, can't do". Turns out if i pay cash for it, 24 hours starts from the time of purchase. With London Pass - ends at 6 pm on the day you purchase. There were few other things I did not like. Say at Tower of London - where you skip the line - you don't get the map of the tower because you are not getting the tickets at the ticket booth where the maps are distributed. As said before, the pass worse if you count the full admission price to major attraction but the reality is don't have to pay full admission price. You can find bunch of discounts like 20% off or 2 for 1 deal. Those are on your hotel maps, Rail Road Oyster's cards, on street travel books, etc. If you are a senior citizen, you get discount. If you are a student (have to have enrollment slip showing classes or so) you get discount, etc. You can go to Westminster Abbey and St. Paul Cathedral for free IF you go there to worship. You won't get the audio tour, of course, but no one says you can't look around as you are approaching the alter when you are there. In other words, if you are willing to invest time researching Travel Advisor and other sites and you are on the strict budget, you can avoid the pass. But again, if you want to have 2-3 attraction a day (all you can eat buffet of sightseeing) without worry of costs and research time - sure worse it.
P.S.: Don't forget to factor in the shipping cost. Definitely recommend getting the book few month in advance by mail so you know what to visit. For Windsor Palace you have to have travelcard zone 1 -6 so say if you are in London for full 8 days go to Windsor Palace on your last or first day (purchase one day travelcard zone 1-6 just for that day). Avoid Windsor Palace on Sunday. Read the book why and how to travel to Windsor Palace using your zone 1-6 travelcard and the london pass. Otherwise, you will have to pay 20 pounds for the train if you don't follow. The rest 7 of your 8 days - including Hampton Palace - can use loaded into Oysters 7-day travelcard for zone 1-2. You'll just pay extra for the Hampton Palace because it is zone 6. Even if you do want to visit outskirts of london, try covering those the same day you go to Windsor or Hampton Palace - since you would be already paying for extra zones those days anyways and your travelcard caps the the maximum daily rate. Don't buy audio tour at the Tower of London. Total waist of $$. They have guided tours which much more informative.
The pass has few perks which not highly advertised: free drink at Crussh, 5 pounds allowance at "Chrest of London" . I liked those. When order food / drink at places like Crussh, Wasabi, etc ask for to go. If you say you want to consume the purchased food/drink inside, you'll have 20% VAT added on top of the price.
Oh, one more detail: the pass won't let you go to the same place twice. Say i liked Tower of London and i'd want to come back to it another day. Sorry, you'll won't be able to use pass to get there anymore
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