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Worst experience ever - DO NOT BUY IF YOU COME FROM DENMARK

This is my first bad review ever. Do not buy on lookfantastic if you live in Denmark. I ordered in the 27th April and still haven't got my order. First I contacted to know if it just was delayed and it was disappeared. After 4 days I got response that I should fulfil a form, which I did and send back. After some days I write if they have got my form and if it was possible to get the package send to my parents' address (Because I read too late in here, that they have severe problems sending to Denmark - if you are not home they will just return it, no note or anything), No they have not, so I should send it again. I send it again and after 3 days they write back that they could not send it to my parents (and it is okay). So I wrote back AGAIN AGAIN to ask if they are going to send it . They have now written to me again, to say that I can not get the things because they have already refunded the money (but I just got the "order refounded email" today and I asked if they could resend the package to days ago). So if I want the things I have ordered, I must order it again - but then I will lose the discount I got on the previous order!
I have bought on lookfantastic before and have never got any problems (I even recommended it to everybody before), but this is now too much for me! My order number is: 27746068
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    Reply from LookFantastic

    Hello Pernille,

    Thank you for your review to highlight the issues that you have experienced on this occasion.

    It is disappointing to hear that this matter has caused such inconvenience to you and you have received the refund instead of the replacement order.

    A message has been sent to your Lookfantastic.com account to discuss this matter in more detail.

    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Kindest regards,

    Lookfantstic.com Customer Care Team
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