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expected better.

my first order went well, everything showed up in a reasonable timeframe, but my second and third orders, never showed up, and when I asked if I should be worried (it does take longer for things to get to me because I'm in Canada, guess I should've inquired sooner anyway) I was simply told it'd been longer than 40 days and they couldn't help me. my question wasn't answered, and I felt very dismissed. I spent over $100 and half of the order was a present for someone else, I ended up just buying something else local. all the same, this is straight up ridiculous, and I noticed a few posts last time I wrote a review, for my first order, that other people had the same issue: first time they ordered something, no problems, but after that they didn't get things they'd ordered. I figured it was just bad luck for those people but maybe it really is a trend for this site. overall, I'm thoroughly displeased and don't think I'll ever try this site again, and won't be recommending it to anyone else.
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    Reply from LookFantastic

    Hello Paula,

    Thank you for your review to highlight issues you have experienced with the delivery on your recent order.

    It is disappointing to hear that you have not received these orders and that we have not yet come to resolve this case.

    We have sent you an email via your Lookfantastic.com account to discuss the matter further and offer a positive resolution.

    If you have any further queries then please d not hesitate to get in touch, we'll be more than happy to help.

    Many thanks once again for your time.

    Kindest regards,

    Lookfantastic.com Customer Care Team
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