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Good service BUT...

The service from LookFantastic would have been stirling, if i had ordered from a country other than Mauritius. I am working here on extended work contract, so not familiar with all the laws.

Since my order I have discovered that any parcels from outside Mauritius are subject to opening and assessment for possible import duties by Customs. Parcels with value up to 2000 Mauritian rupees (approx. GBP 50) and certain classes of items (eg electronics) may in fact be exempt, while other items may attract duties possibly increasing total cost by about 30% I believe. The cost of any postage or amounts paid to get the parcel to Mauritius are added to item value to calculate duties.

The major issue people should be aware of is around the quite lengthy and potentially time consuming process to receive the parcel if duties are payable. Parcels are received and held at central Post Office (PO) in the capital, and notification is sent to local PO, who deliver a notification to attend at PO. One must then decide whether to request that the parcel be opened and assessed and then delivered to your local PO without your being present by customs at central PO, or to attend with the notice to open the parcel at the central PO.

I opted to have the parcel assessed in my absence since the visit to central PO would probably take an entire day of my time. The result is that I placed my order on 11 Nov with TrakPak option, and have still not received the parcel at 1 Dec

I request that some kind of notice be placed for overseas customers in Mauritius and other jurisdictions with similar restriction to warn about possible duties and delays.

The service is excellent on LookFantastic side, regular email update, tracking efficient, and I believe the price of goods is still highly competitive even with potential duties

My choice would have still been to purchase from this site, since my own investigation found this service to be most user friendly and cost effective with a larger range of good products than at least five other sites I visited
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