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Fine until you need to cancel...

I subscribed to LoveFilm for quite a while, despite not really using the service to it's fullest. The instant streaming is poor (Netflix is far superior), the way they send low priority list fillers over the new stuff is irritating, but the worst aspect is what happens when you try and cancel.

I cancelled with them in February. They are still taking payments from me, despite the customer services team claiming they aren't. As it's on a continuous payment basis, even changing my debit card hasn't helped as "they don't need all the details" (quote direct from Barclays). It seems that once they have your details, they are going to keep taking money whether you are an active subscriber or not. Essentially, they are stealing my money.

So far, I've spent hours on the phone to various LoveFilm departments. They seem to be based in a country with a thick accent and little understanding of English, judging from the number of times I've had to ask for clarification or had to repeat what I've said. Frustrating!

I've finally resorted to emailing LoveFilm's Operations Director, Fern O'Sullivan ( directly in the hope that she can pass my complaint on to someone that can sort the problem out. Judging from their track record so far, I'm not holding my breath.

I'll update this when they respond, however.

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